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Lab Diamond Production

Lab Diamond Ring Process

Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding !!!!!! I opening the package and was ecstatic about the quality. l am so glad that I listened to some of the girls on Wedding Bee about this company in regards to a conflict free diamond alternative. This seller exceeded my expectations. Great for communicating with as well. Very fast shipping !too.I will bebuying again. I highly recommendhank you so much Starsgems!
    Andrea da Silvia
  • Very nice !!! Tested these with a diamond probe and they came out positive. Very nice looking too.
    Leah Cricket
  • Good product !!! passes basic diamond tester on 5 and sinks to the bottom of a cupfull of water meaning there's some density to it.
    Stephanie Smith
  • Seller ProfessionalFast Shipping !!!!!! From China to the U.S. I am extr
    emely satisfied. Thank you, if l need another diamond i will be using your services
    Leah Cricket
  • The ring is perfect !!! ou guys did an amazing job.I am sohappy with it Fiona! Thank you very much.
  • while these diamonds are small they are very beautiful!!!
    would recommend these to anyone looking for high quality small diamonds
    Leah Cricket
  • Excellent Product !!! Arrived on time and as advisedl Salesperson was easy to communicate with and made for an easy transaction Highly recommend
    Leah Cricket
  • Seller Professional !!!  Fast Shopping !!!  from China to the U.S. I am extremely satisfled. Thank you, if need another diamond I will be using your services again
    Andrea da Silvia
  • Amazing Product !!! the mossiante sparkles so beautifully. Also, the customer service is absolutely amazing, they do everything to make sure you are satisfied. I am very happy, will be ordering from them again.
    Leah Cricket
  • Necklace Is Lovely !!! The service is professional and supportive. Will buy again from this supplier.
    Stephanie Smith
  • Customer Love it !!!  I could not be more pleased.Excellent quality and wonderful customer service from Silvia. Silvia was efficient, friendly and lovely to work with. Thank you!
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